Other Work


As well as writing novels, I am also a freelance writer and have provided articles for various newspapers and magazines, most notably with the Oxford Mail. I have also been involved in a number of food related projects, including judging at the British Sausage Awards and fronting promotional videos for the meat industry.

Some examples of my work can be found further down this page. If there's a project you'd like me to get involved with, please get in touch.

I have also many years experience of marketing as well as analysing and presenting data from my Nielsen days. This has stood me in good stead when it comes to the marketing and sales of my own books through Amazon Kindle Direct, a platform I know inside out. I have a huge wealth of experience in this area and have been invited to give a number of talks and training sessions on the subject by individuals and organisations.


Before I wrote my time travel novels, I also published three diary-style books, through my own publishing company, Chapel Street Press. These consist of historic content from my blog, along with letters and various other pieces  of writing I have produced  over the years. They are quite raw compared to the standard of my later writing, but if you a die-hard fan who wants some more insight into the man behind the novels, they are still available on Amazon (see links below).

You can also find recent snippets from my blog elsewhere on this website - it has had hundreds of thousands of hits since I started it in 2011. 

Picture of Jason Ayres with Kids
Oxford Mail

[Stay-at-home dad]

Since my kids were born (2007 and 2010), I've combined DJ work and writing with full time fatherhood. After I published my first diary on the subject, Fortysomething Father, the Oxford Mail picked me up for a column which ran from 2013-14.

Links to many of my Oxford Mail columns can be found below...

Jason Ayres and Simon Rimmer at the British Sausage Awards
Love Pork

I first got involved with Love Pork when I won a writing competition to become Britain's Official Sausage Taster, 2013. Here I am, pictured with my fellow judge, Simon Rimmer, presenter of Channel 4's Sunday Brunch. 

This led on to some other work with Love Pork, including fronting some promotional videos alongside another celebrity chef, Andy Annat. If you like barbecues, these are well worth a look.

Book cover of humorous parenting book, Fortysomething Father
Fortysomething Father

[The Stay-at-home Dad diaries, volume 1]

Jason Ayres is a father, a DJ, a wannabe writer and more. Fatherhood arrived unexpectedly for him in his late thirties and within a couple of years he had swapped suits and company cars for nappies and microphones.


With time on his hands in-between karaoke nights and nappy changes, he began to keep a diary about his experiences. This book collects together the best of his musings during a year of his new life - from feeding fussy toddlers to battles with supermarkets, all the time fighting the onset of middle-aged flab against a backdrop of wedding buffets and new flavours of crisps.

If you are looking for a serious parenting guide you might want to look elsewhere. If you're looking for a little self-deprecating, observational humour, then this might the book for you.

Book cover of humorous parenting book, Austerity Dad
Austerity Dad

[The Stay-at-home Dad diaries, volume 2]

Jason Ayres returns with another year of humorous musings on his life as a stay-at-home dad and more.


Along the way he offers lots of money-saving tips for the family on a budget. These vary from the reasonably sensible (don't be conned into pre-booking flight seats) to those you probably shouldn't try at home (DIY dentistry and cheese grater pedicures).


As always, the challenges of stay-at-home parenting are never far away. Taking kids on holiday, fussy eating, and the joys of nappies are among the many topics discussed.


The writer's obsession with junk food is also prevalent. From misty-eyed reminiscences about the glory days of Little Chef to dreaming up strange new ideas for pizza toppings, there's plenty of food for thought

Book cover of humorous diary book, The Sausage Man
The Sausage Man

[The Diary Of A VIP Sausage Taster]​

When Jason Ayres entered a competition to become Britain's Official Sausage Taster for the 2013 Sausage Awards, he hadn't really expected to win. His unexpected triumph soon led to a whirlwind adventure in the world of sausages! From tastings to awards, newspaper reports to radio interviews, the author found himself thrust into the limelight as "The Sausage Man".


For a man with a lifelong love of pork products this was a dream come true - his equivalent of scoring the winning goal in the World Cup Final.

Now you can read for yourself the full story of his six month adventure, from humble beginnings to fully fledged sausage taster. Along the way, there are anecdotes and factoids galore. Want to know the length of the world's longest sausage, or why we call sausages, "bangers?" It's all here and more - plus off-the-wall new recipe ideas (sausage mince pies, anyone?) and the answers to some reader's sausage dilemmas!