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Other Work


As well as writing novels, I am also a freelance writer and have provided articles for various newspapers and magazines, most notably with the Oxford Mail. I have also been involved in a number of food related projects, including judging at the British Sausage Awards and fronting promotional videos for the meat industry.

My Oxford Mail columns can be found further down this page. Although I concentrate mostly on novels and podcasting these days, I can still find time to write the odd column here and there. If there is anything you'd like to commission me for, please get in touch.


Before I wrote my time travel novels, I also published three diary-style books, through my own publishing company, Chapel Street Press. These consist of historic content from my blog, along with letters and various other pieces of writing I have produced over the years. They are quite raw compared to the standard of my later writing, but if you a die-hard fan who wants some more insight into the man behind the novels, they are still available on Amazon (see links below).

Finally, there is also a link to my YouTube channel where you can find the podcast, some audiobook previews and a few other bits and pieces e.g. a walk through the tunnel that inspired the first novel. You guessed it, links below!

Picture of Jason Ayres with Kids
Oxford Mail

[Stay-at-home Dad]

In the years after my kids were born (2007 and 2010), I combined DJ work and writing with full-time fatherhood. After I published my first diary on the subject, Fortysomething Father, the Oxford Mail picked me up for a column which ran from 2013-14.


Time has moved on, and I don't DJ anymore - now that I am officially an old git, modern pop music leaves me cold. However, my Oxford Mail columns are preserved for posterity, and can be found below:

Tunnel Still.webp
A trip through the Time Bubble

Here is a link to a short video I made of me walking through the Time Bubble. It is on my YouTube channel which has plenty of content related to the books. If you do visit, please like and subscribe if possible. The more I grow the channel, the more new people will find my books, which has got to be a good thing, right?

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