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The Time Bubble Series


The Time Bubble began as a single concept a decade ago and has since blossomed into an epic series of fourteen stories.


Each book comes at time travel from a different angle, exploring innovative themes with a light touch of sci-fi, a dash of romance and oodles of good old British humour. The series features a rich cast of characters who crop up at different stages of their lives, as the stories jump back and forth in time. Starting as teenagers in the first book, the principal characters are in their fifties by book four.

You can find links to Amazon to buy all of my books from this page. If you've already read (and hopefully enjoyed) them, as I mentioned on the home page, I would hugely appreciate it if you would leave a positive star rating on Amazon. It only takes a few seconds and you don't even have to write a review anymore - though if you want to, please do! And don't forget to tell a friend. We may live in a digital age but you can't beat good old word of mouth!

The Time Bubble

[The Time Bubble - Book 1]

Time travel fans will love this fresh new approach to the genre - the first in an epic series by bestselling author Jason Ayres.

The story begins with the discovery of the very first Time Bubble beneath a railway line, kicking off a life-changing series of adventures.

At first, it's just a bit of fun, jumping a few seconds into the future. Soon things take a more serious turn as the leaps in time increase in duration. When a teenage girl goes missing, and the police become involved, suspicion falls on her boyfriend. How can he explain where she is? Will anyone believe him?

Global Cooling

[The Time Bubble Book 2]

Ten years after the events of The Time Bubble, a thrilling new adventure is about to begin.

A new Time Bubble is discovered near St Ives in Cornwall but before the team can investigate, an asteroid strike triggers a relentless winter that grips Britain. With the food chain broken, the transport network paralysed, and energy supplies failing, the residents of a small market town must confront a life-altering decision. Do they flee south, seeking refuge from the sub-zero temperatures, or stay in their homes and hope for a reprieve?

Amid the frozen turmoil, not everyone is seeking warmth and safety. Dark motives emerge as some exploit the dire circumstances for their advantage, turning the struggle for resources into a treacherous battle for power.

Join the fight for survival in this riveting story that combines elements of post-apocalyptic disaster stories with the ever-popular allure of time travel.

Man Out of Time

[The Time Bubble Book 3]

Imagine finding yourself 22 years in the future, where everything you once knew is gone...

This is the nightmarish reality Daniel Fisher confronts in a world where his currency is worthless and he has been declared legally dead.

Stranded in a bewildering future, Dan struggles to adapt to a world he no longer recognises. Arrested by the police for breaking into his own home, his very identity is called into question.

Determined to return to his own time, a vengeful Dan vows to track down those responsible for his predicament, leading to a climactic showdown on a fateful night in the past.

Enjoy an electrifying blend of science fiction, suspense, and time-twisting ingenuity in this rollercoaster of an adventure that will grip you from the first page to the last.

Splinters in Time

[The Time Bubble Book 4]​

Explore a series of parallel worlds, each similar, yet eerily different from our own.

When his ex-girlfriend starts having recurring nightmares about a strange alternate reality, Josh Gardner becomes determined to prove the existence of other universes.


Uncovering a focal point in time from where these worlds seem to stem, he takes a trip to the year 2025 to find out more. However, his actions inadvertently trigger the very event he went to investigate.

Cast adrift in the multiverse, Josh is lost without a way back home. As he leaps from world to world, falling further back in time, he encounters realities very different to his own. In alternate timelines ravaged by wars and diseases, survival soon becomes his paramount concern.

Featuring original ideas, plot twists, and intriguing versions of well-loved characters like you’ve never seen them before, this story will keep you gripped until the final page.

Class of '92

[The Time Bubble Book 5]​

Relive the 1990s in this thrilling time travel extravaganza! If you were flung back to 1992, what would you do?

When Josh Gardner, a man from the twenty-first century, finds himself stranded in the early 1990s, he's faced with a world very different from any he has ever known. Can he successfully navigate a realm of phone boxes and VHS tapes to find his way back to the present?

Cut off from the technology he took for granted in the future, Josh must adapt to life in 1992 Oxford, where every encounter is a living history lesson. Just as he is beginning to enjoy life before the digital revolution, a new time travel mystery unfolds. Missing people from the past are beginning to turn up, from a teenager, presumed dead for twenty years, to a famous author who vanished in 1952. None of them have aged a day.

If you crave a fast-paced adventure and a taste of pre-internet nostalgia, then 'Class of '92' is your ticket to the time-travelling adventure of a lifetime, where past, present, and future collide.

vanishing _ebook.jpg
Vanishing Point

[The Time Bubble Book 6]​

Why kill your enemies in the present when you can dispose of them in the past?

At an advanced academic institute in Canberra, Josh and Alice encounter scientists Henry and Vanessa Jones, pioneers of mind transference experiments. Together, they combine their technology to project their minds back through time into their younger bodies, believing this will give them immortality.

After some initial success, unforeseen implications arise. As the timeline starts changing and people start disappearing, the world becomes oblivious to their previous existence. The only ones who remember them are those who have previously passed through a time bubble. However, one by one, each of them is being killed.

Who is behind this ruthless killing spree, and why? Can they be stopped and the timeline restored before there is nobody left to stop them?

Full of suspense, unexpected twists, and high-stakes action, Vanishing Point can be enjoyed standalone or as part of the series.

Midlife Crisis

[The Time Bubble Book 7]​

If you could live any six days of your life over again, which would you choose?

Kicked out of his job, nagged by his wife, and ignored by his kids, nothing is going right for Richard Kent. Increasingly disillusioned with modern life, he spends his days reminiscing about a youth he will never see again: or will he?

When a mysterious benefactor offers him six trips to the past, Kent seizes the chance, starting with a journey back to 1984 to buy his first record. Later trips include revisiting an unfulfilled teenage crush, plus a chance to wreak revenge on his malevolent boss armed with nothing but a large rubber Brontosaurus!

Time travel fans will love this delightful and heartfelt novel, crafted with a delicious touch of dark comedy. It can be enjoyed standalone or as part of the series

Rock Bottom

[The Time Bubble Book 8]​

Unlock the secrets of the past in the latest thrilling adventure from the acclaimed Time Bubble series.

Kay has hit rock bottom. At 18, she had it all - brains, beauty, and ambitious plans for a dazzling career. By 43, she barely scrapes a living and resides in a dingy flat above a chip shop. Abandoned by her husband for a younger model, she seeks solace in vodka and meaningless encounters.

Now she's been gifted the opportunity to travel back in time. From investigating her cheating, corrupt husband, to rekindling an old flame, she soon learns how to make the most of her second chances. Yet, will attempting to track down a killer in the community be her undoing?

Join Kay on her compelling journey of redemption and self-discovery as she tackles the mistakes of the past to create a better future.

My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday

[The Time Bubble 9]​

Imagine living your life backwards, one day at a time.

When Thomas Scott wakes up in hospital he has no memory of who he is or how he got there. All he knows is that he is terminally ill and this is the final day of his life. Or is it?

He wakes again to find that it is now the previous day. As more time passes he discovers that the calendar is running in reverse.

At first, he struggles to navigate his strange new world. How can he form connections or make plans when his tomorrow is everybody else’s yesterday? Trying to find some purpose in life, he resolves to find out as much about his personal history as he can. Learning of the death of his wife and an attack on his daughter, he prepares to make changes in the past to secure their future.

From middle-aged father back to childhood, the passing years present all manner of different challenges as Thomas travels back through the early 21st and the late 20th centuries.

Happy New Year

[The Time Bubble Book 10]​

Amy's lost in time - and it's always New Year's Eve.

Trapped in a time loop, Amy’s reliving every New Year of her life, falling back a year each time the loop resets. As she grows progressively younger, she revisits a series of pivotal life events, realising she has the power to shape their outcomes.

A cheating boyfriend, an alcoholic mother, and a sister tragically lost in a natural disaster all come under the spotlight as she seizes the chance to rewrite history.

With the years passing rapidly, the reality of her impending mortality looms ever larger. Her only hope is to track down the mysterious stranger who sent her back through time but he is nowhere to be found.

Join Amy in this exhilarating adventure that can be enjoyed standalone or as part of the series.

Return to Tomorrow

[The Time Bubble Book 11]​

If you knew the future, would you preserve the timeline, or rewrite history?

Thomas Scott has already lived his life twice before. At night he dreams about future events, determined not to change anything so that he can meet his wife-to-be in the right place at the right time.

Everything is going according to plan until another time traveller arrives from the future with other ideas.

Ben Lewis, given a second chance in his eighteen-year-old body to put right a life he squandered the first time around, plans to exploit his knowledge of the future for his own ends. When their paths cross in Oxford in 1988, a clash ensues, with Thomas attempting to prevent Ben from disrupting the timeline, and Ben revelling in the doing the exact opposite.

A decade later, the stage is set for a final showdown amidst the blazing heat of Ibiza, during the peak of the 1990s clubbing scene. Can Thomas preserve the fabric of time, or will Ben corrupt it beyond repair?

This thrilling sequel expands on the compelling concepts developed in 'My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday,' raising the question of what you would do if faced with the power to alter the future. Join Thomas on his absorbing adventure through time and ponder which path you would choose

cause-of-death- smooth Kindle version.jpg
Cause of Death

[The Time Bubble Book 12]​

In a Spanish holiday resort, Henry Jones finds himself caught in a lethal time loop.

Waking up on the island of Fuerteventura, Henry doesn't know where he is or who he is. While he's trying to figure that out, he finds himself swept away by a tsunami, just the first in a series of grisly fates awaiting him in the days ahead.

Making friends with Alice, the girl in the next apartment, the two of them try to piece together their fragmented memories to establish how they ended up in this predicament.

Why have they been thrown back decades in time to their younger bodies?

Why is every day the same, yet different?

And why are they the only two people who can see what is going on?

Can they unlock the secrets of the island and escape its lethal clutches, or will they be doomed to a never-ending cycle of death and destruction?

Cause of Death is part of the Time Bubble series, a collection of tales exploring time travel in new and innovative ways.

Lauren's Odyssey

[The Time Bubble Book 13]​

One woman. Five universes. One mission.
The adventure of a lifetime is about to begin.

Lauren was not keen on time travel. Her friends had visited the past, future, and even other universes, but she preferred to keep her feet grounded firmly in the present. However, when a crisis arises, it falls to her to resolve it.

Embarking on a mission that will take her to five alternate timelines, Lauren soon finds herself in realities very different to her own. From a world enslaved by a social credit system to another that hasn’t developed beyond 19th-century levels of technology, Lauren’s epic voyage brings danger at every turn.

Join her on this thrilling odyssey as she navigates the multiverse, facing challenges that will test every ounce of her courage, wit, and resilience. The fate of multiple universes is resting in her hands, and the clock is ticking.

Gone to the Rapture ebook.jpg
Gone to the Rapture

[The Time Bubble Book 14]​

Imagine a world where everyone is disappearing and soon you may be the only one left.

A truck crashes on the M40 causing one of the worst motorway pileups for years but the driver is nowhere to be found. Over the next few days more unexplained disappearances occur, leaving investigators puzzled, and the government in a panic.

Amid claims of alien abductions and prophecies of a biblical nature, Josh believes there may be another explanation involving time travel. But his theories will have to wait because as the population vanishes at a frightening rate, and society begins to break down, those who remain are plunged into a desperate battle for survival.

Unravel the mystery by joining the Time Bubble team in their latest adventure, which once again expands the time travel genre in a fresh and innovative way.

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