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The Time Bubble Series


There are thirteen books in the series to date. The first six are best read in order, but from Midlife Crisis onwards, they can be read standalone. So if you want to try one of those first, feel free to skip ahead.


Each book comes at time travel from a different angle, throwing other sci-fi themes into the books as well as a generous dollop of good old British humour. The same characters crop up again and again, at different ages and other places, as the stories jump forwards and backwards in time. Don't be put off by the teen setting of the first book - those characters are in their fifties by book 4.

You can buy all of my books from this page. If you've already read (and hopefully enjoyed) them, I would hugely appreciate it if you would consider leaving a short review and a star rating on Amazon. You can do this via the buttons below. Or just tell a friend. Reviews and word of mouth are vital to help my books reach new readers.

The Time Bubble

[The Time Bubble - Book 1]

Charlie and Josh's interests were the same as most other teenagers: drinking, parties and girls. That was until the day they discovered the Time Bubble. 

It starts as a bit of fun, jumping a few seconds into the future. Soon things take a more serious turn as the leaps in time increase in duration. When a teenage girl goes missing, and the police become involved, suspicion falls on Charlie. How can he explain where she is? Will anyone believe him?

Set in a small market town in Southern England in the early 21st century, this light-hearted time travel novel has plenty to delight readers of all ages.

Global Cooling

[The Time Bubble Book 2]

Time travel meets apocalyptic weather event in this eagerly awaited sequel to The Time Bubble! 

In 2029, Earth is facing a major climate catastrophe. An asteroid strike blankets the globe in dust and ash, blocking out the sunlight. Soon temperatures begin to fall. As weather conditions worsen, the residents of a small market town in Southern England must make a decision - flee south or wait for the worst to pass. With power supplies failing and food scarce, survival is at stake as those with darker motives seek to take advantage of the situation. For those heading south, can the discovery of a new Time Bubble provide a way out?

Global Cooling is the second part in a series of time travel based stories which began with The Time Bubble. Set a decade after the main events of the first book, this story picks up the lives of the main characters as they reach their late twenties.

Man Out of Time

[The Time Bubble Book 3]

What would you do if you found yourself cast 22 years into the future? Into a world where your home is no longer your home and you've been declared legally dead? 

This is the situation that Daniel Fisher finds himself in at the beginning of this latest installment in The Time Bubble series. Stranded in the future, in a place where his outdated currency is worthless, things go from bad to worse for Dan very quickly. Before long he finds himself incarcerated in a secure psychiatric unit, his hopes of ever returning to the past looking bleak.

Elsewhere, Josh has unlocked the secrets of the time bubbles, and can now freely travel in time. He returns to the scene of past encounters, as well as travelling to the future to join Peter on his adventures through time. But has he been careful enough to prevent others from discovering his secrets?

Splinters in Time

[The Time Bubble Book 4]​

Getting lost in the wrong time was bad enough. But things get far worse for Josh Gardner when he can't even find his way back to his own universe. 

When his ex-girlfriend, Lauren, starts having recurring nightmares about a strange alternate reality in which she was murdered, Josh becomes interested in proving the existence of other universes. Finding a focal point in the past from which thousands of new universes seem to stem, he travels back in time to find out how they were created. Unfortunately he ends up causing the very event that he went back to investigate.

Cast adrift in the multiverse, he no longer has any control over where and when he will end up. With each jump sending him further and further back in time, he finds himself lurching from one alternate universe to another, some similar to his own, others drastically different. He has but one hope - to find an alter ego in another universe to help him find his way home. But in worlds ravaged by wars and diseases, in many cases it becomes a battle just to stay alive.

Class of '92

[The Time Bubble Book 5]​

Josh Gardner, a man born in 2001, finds himself stranded in 1992 in this latest novel from the acclaimed Time Bubble series.

Alone in a pre-internet culture, with funds low, Josh seeks out the one person who can help him survive in the twentieth century, his former teacher, Peter, who is now younger than he is.

Finding somewhere to live and a means of support until he can return to his own time are soon the least of Josh's worries as a new Time Bubble mystery develops.

A local police officer, Rebecca Osakwe, discovers that there is more to a spate of people going missing than meets the eye. When people from decades in the past start showing up she teams up with Josh and Peter to investigate. Together, the new Time Bubble team face some tough challenges as they try and deal with the new arrivals.

vanishing _ebook.jpg
Vanishing Point

[The Time Bubble Book 6]​

In the latest Time Bubble story, time travellers Josh and Alice Gardner visit an advanced scientific institute in Canberra. There they meet scientists Henry and Vanessa Jones who are carrying out advanced research into mind transference.

The four of them work together to combine their technology and reach their ultimate goal - to be able to project their minds back through time into their younger bodies, thus achieving immortality.

After some initial success, unforeseen implications become apparent. When the timeline starts changing and people start vanishing, the world seems oblivious to the fact they ever existed.


The only people who seem immune to this effect are those who have previously passed through a time bubble, but one by one, they are being killed.

Midlife Crisis

[The Time Bubble Book 7]​

If you were offered the chance to live six days of your life over again, which would you choose? 

Richard Kent is feeling well and truly fed-up. As he approaches middle-age, his waistline is expanding, his career options are dwindling, and everything from pop music to television seems like it was so much better in his youth.

If that wasn't depressing enough, his wife nags him, his kids ignore him and his boss thinks he's a dinosaur. He's just about ready to give up but then a truly remarkable encounter with his younger self changes everything.

A trip back to 1984 in the body of his seven-year-old self is just the beginning of an amazing adventure revisiting key moments from his own life. These include an unfulfilled teenage crush and revenge on his evil boss armed only with a large, rubber Brontosaurus.

Rock Bottom

[The Time Bubble Book 8]​

Kay's life was in a mess. Now she's been given the chance to go back and relive six days of her life again. Can she use them wisely to turn her life around?

At 18, she had it all - brains, beauty, and plans for a glittering career. By 43, she is barely scraping a living and renting a grotty flat above a chip shop. Traded in by her husband for a younger model, she spends her life seeking solace in vodka and one night stands.

With her new found ability to time travel Kay makes good use of her trips back in time, from reliving Christmas Day in the 1980's to turning private detective in her own divorce case. But will an attempt to unmask a murderer in the local community be her undoing?

My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday

[The Time Bubble 9]​

Imagine living live backwards, one day at a time, from your deathbed all the way to your birth.

When Thomas Scott wakes up in hospital on New Year's Day he has no memory of who he is or why he is there. Racked with pain from a terminal illness, death swiftly follows. When he wakes to find he is alive once more he is confused to discover that it now December 31st. As the days pass it becomes clear that the calendar is running in reverse.

Trying to find some purpose in life, he resolves to find out as much about his own personal history as he can. Learning of the death of his wife and an attack on his daughter, he prepares to make changes in the past to secure their future.

From middle-aged father all the way back to childhood, the passing years present all manner of different challenges as Thomas continues his journey backwards through the early 21st and the late 20th centuries.

Happy New Year

[The Time Bubble Book 10]​

Amy was never very keen on New Year's Eve - and that was before the time travel accident that sent her plummeting back into the past. Now she's living every New Year of her life all over again.

Starting at thirty-nine years old, she grows progressively younger, revisiting snapshots of her life along the way. From dealing with an unfaithful boyfriend to trying to help her alcoholic mother, she attempts to make the most of her second chances, with varying degrees of success.

As Amy grows ever more youthful, the reality of her impending mortality looms ever larger. Her only hope is to track down the mysterious stranger who sent her back through time, but he is nowhere to be found. 

Return to Tomorrow

[The Time Bubble Book 11]​

If you knew the future, would you change it?

In 1988, two young men know what life has in store for them.

Thomas Scott has lived his life twice before. At night he dreams about his wife-to-be and resolves to preserve the timeline so they can meet in the right place at the right time.

Ben Lewis was a middle-aged failure in 2020 before he was cast back into his eighteen-year-old body. Given a second chance, he intends to exploit it for his own selfish ends.

When the two meet in Oxford on a wintry January day, they soon clash. The more Thomas tries to prevent Ben from disrupting the timeline, the more he delights in doing the opposite.

A decade later, the scene is set for a final confrontation in the blazing heat of Ibiza at the height of the clubbing scene.

cause_of_death - rough Kindle version.jpg
Cause of Death

[The Time Bubble Book 12]​

Henry and Alice find themselves trapped in a deadly time loop in this latest instalment of The Time Bubble series.

When Henry Jones woke up on holiday in Fuerteventura, he didn’t expect to get burnt, drowned, or shot. Nor did he expect to be eaten by a mythical sea monster.

Making friends with Alice, the girl in the next apartment, the two of them try to piece together their patchy memories to establish how they ended up on the island.

Why have they been thrown back decades in time to their younger bodies?

Why is every day the same, yet different?

And why are they the only two people who can see what is going on?

Lauren's Odyssey

[The Time Bubble Book 13]​

One woman. Five universes. One mission.
The adventure of a lifetime is about to begin.

Lauren was not keen on time travel. Her friends had visited the past, future and even other universes, but she preferred to keep her feet grounded firmly in the present. But now, a crisis has arisen and she is the only one able to resolve it.

Her travels take her into her own past and other universes, some similar and some very different to our own. Starting with the day the very first time bubble was discovered, she embarks on an epic voyage facing dangers at every turn. How will she cope in 1984 before she was born, in a futuristic world completely dependent on technology, or in a society that's barely reached 19th-century levels of development?

Gone to the Rapture ebook.jpg
Gone to the Rapture

[The Time Bubble Book 14]​

A truck crashes on the M40, causing one of the worst motorway pileups for years. But investigators are perplexed when the driver is nowhere to be found. Over the next few days, more unexplained disappearances occur.

Unable to keep it quiet, and with the Prime Minister missing, a panicking Government declares that aliens are abducting humans. They order a lockdown for the people’s protection but not everyone believes them.

Many more theories abound about what’s happening. A lay preacher in the street declares that the day of Revelation has come and that only those that repent will ascend to the Rapture. But Josh believes there may be another explanation involving time travel. The only problem is, he cannot work out what it is.

As the days pass, and the population vanishes at a frightening rate, society begins to break down and those that remain soon find themselves in a desperate battle for survival.

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