I've been working with a great team of actors during the last couple of years to bring my books to life in audio form. On this page, you can find out more about the voices behind the books and where you can pick up a copy.


I'll be adding new books to this page as soon as they are released. My latest release is Return To Tomorrow, out January 2022.

You can find these books at Audible, iTunes or Amazon.


It's worth noting that if you already own the Kindle edition of these books, you can pick them up from Amazon at a substantial discount. 

The Time BubblePreview
The Time Bubble
Narrated by Nigel Carrington

Nigel trained at The Guildhall School of Music & Drama, London and has over 40 years of experience in film, TV, radio, theatre and voiceovers. He has recorded over 200 professional unabridged books.


He has a huge amount of experience in radio for The BBC, acting in over 200 plays and features, plus three years as the character Nigel Pargetter (1986-89) in The Archers, and then nine years as Dr David Boyce (1997-2007) in Westway. He has also appeared in numerous television shows, including Brookside (1983-84), Coronation Street (1992-1993), Jonathan Creek, Kavanagh QC and more.

In 2008 he appeared in the Batman film, The Dark Knight.

More recently he played Cornelius in Benedict Cumberbatch's Hamlet at The Barbican Theatre, London.

Nigel was also nominated for as a best performer BAFTA, in 2013, for his narration on the PC/ PS4 game Dear Esther, one of a number of games he has provided voiceovers for.

Time travel fans will also be pleased to hear he has a Doctor Who connection, having appeared in various Big Finish Audio drams, including the story Mistfall alongside Peter Davison.

Global Cooling
Narrated by Ian Pringle

Ian is the driving force behind Face Up Theatre, delivering a range of theatre performances and workshops for schools, organisations, hospitals, and any other community group that is managing change.

Although I had dozens of candidates with lengthier CV's than Ian's for this role, I chose him to be the voice of Global Cooling as I felt his rich, warm tone was perfect for telling a story of this nature. 

I definitely made the right choice as Ian proved to be a consummate professional throughout, really bringing the story to life, allowing me to enjoy it all over again five years after I originally wrote it.

Global CoolingPreview
Man out of Time
Narrated by Guy Bethell

Guy Bethell has a huge amount of experience in the field of audio, having narrated and produced dozens of audiobooks.


He received the Audiofile Magazine Earphones Award (April 2017) for 'Short History of the World'.

Here is what Audiofile had to say about his performance for The Travelling Grave: 'Narrator Guy Bethell deftly renders these supernatural and macabre stories......Bethell's mature voice and conversational style.......Bethell's spirited narration keeps listeners on edge to the last moment'.

Working with Guy was a pleasure and I am sure you will agree he has more than done the story justice.

Man out of TimePreview
Splinters in Time
Narrated by Karena Gregory

Karena is an experienced teacher with over 12 years of narration behind her in various forms. She also sings, writes and been in a number of stage shows.

She has a clear, mellow, yet engaging tone which allows listeners to lose themselves in the story that they are hearing. She has really brought this story to life and working with her was a joy - she delivered a really professional and error-free production.

Karena has narrated many audiobooks, including Advenurous Proposal by Laura Bernard which has attracted a host of five star reviews on Audible.

Splinters in TimePreview
Class of '92 Preview
Class of '92
Narrated by Karena Gregory

Class of '92 follows on directly from Splinters in Time and I had no hesitation in offering Karena the opportunity to continue the story.

She is an experienced teacher with over 12 years of narration behind her in various forms. She also sings, writes and been in a number of stage shows.

She has a clear, mellow, yet engaging tone which allows listeners to lose themselves in the story that they are hearing. She has really brought this story to life and working with her was a joy - she delivered a really professional and error-free production.

Karena has narrated many audiobooks, including Advenurous Proposal by Laura Bernard which has attracted a host of five star reviews on Audible.

Vanishing PointPreview
Vanishing Point
Narrated by Mark Rice-Oxley

Mark's acting career began when he was chosen by Dame Judi Dench for an Evening Standard award which paid for three years at drama school and had previously been won by Maxine Peake.


Upon leaving drama school, Mark's first six months typified the varied career he would go on to enjoy. His first job was a play in the West End directed by Nick Hytner. Shortly afterwards Mark was in the first recorded episode (eventually Episode 3) of Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps. With the type of luck that doesn't happen anymore in this business, Mark then immediately played a sex offender in TV cop drama In Deep before going straight into playing George Harrison in an American TV movie about the Beatles.

Mark now has a dedicated home studio and is busy recording audiobooks, stories and poems.

Midlife CrisisPreview
Midlife Crisis
Narrated by Adrian James

Adrian is an award winning broadcaster, producer and audiobook narrator with almost 30 years experience at the top of the industry, mostly within the BBC. 


He has also worked in commercial radio, and with voiceover clients which include Rolex, National Air Traffic Service, and University of Wales.

He won the Sony Radio Awards Gold, International Paralympic Committee Award for Radio 2013.

I chose Adrian to narrate Midlife Crisis because, like myself and countless other men of a certain age, he identified with Kent's character. This came over very strongly in his audition, and was borne out in the finished book. 

Hearing Adrian bring the character to life was a surreal experience as I listened to the words I originaly wrote. As I got to the end of each chapter, I found myself eagerly awaiting to the next one to find out what happened next - even though I wrote it which is the ultimate spoiler!

You can listen to a sample of the book via the link to the left, and if you're interested in hiring Adrian for any voice work, you can find him via the link below:

Rock BottomPreview
Rock Bottom
Narrated by Fiona-Honan-Bowes

Fiona is a trained journalist, voice-over artiste and actor with over 30 years’ broadcast experience. She has worked in radio, television and theatre both at home and abroad for the BBC, ITV, Sky, Lloyds TSB, Celador and many more.

Fiona’s career began in the West Indies where she was a journalist on the Cayman Islands. Here in the UK she has worked on a variety of local radio stations as a news reader and reporter. She has also worked for HTV West, HTV Wales, Anglia and Meridian as a television continuity announcer.

As a natural communicator and trained award-winning actress Fiona has a versatile voice and can do a variety of accents, which has proved invaluable in Rock Bottom, vividly bringing the character of McVie (Kay’s Scottish Landlord) to life, amongst others. She works from her own professional studio where she can record, edit and produce herself.


Fiona loves acting in the theatre and one of her most memorable roles was that of Elvira the ghost in Noel Coward’s Blithe Spirit, a role where she was able to use her comic timing to great effect. She is also one of the team behind the independent production company, Non-such productions (see link below).

Fiona's work on Rock Bottom has been excellent and I'm really excited to have been working with her to bring this story to the audio market. To hear a sample from the book, please click the button opposite.

My Tomorrow, Your YesterdayPreview
My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday
Narrated by Paul Messingham

As a Primary school teacher Paul has plenty of experience as a storyteller. Although relatively new to audiobook narration, he has trained at The Showreel in London and records and edits audiobooks in his own sound booth. 

He has narrated and produced several books available on iTunes, AmazonAudible and Librivox and can be found on the ACX website and Audiobook Reviewer website.

Paul is also a volunteer narrator with Listening Books, a charity providing high-quality audiobooks to some 50,000 people across the UK who find it difficult or impossible to read due to an illness, disability, learning or mental health difficulty.

After completing his degree in Geography & Education at what was then Oxford Polytechnic, Paul remained in Oxford and gained his PGCE in Primary Education at the now re-named Oxford Brookes University. As My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday is set primarily in Oxford, it was great to have Paul on board as he was familiar with many of the locations and situations described in the book. 

Both Paul and I were relatively new to the world of audiobooks when we worked together on this project, but I felt we learnt a great deal from each other. I was very happy with the final result and so were the listeners, judging by the amount of positive feedback we got.

Happy New YearPreview
Happy New Year
Narrated by Aisling Leyne

Aisling Leyne has many years of experience as a performing artist in the fields of theatre, voice-over and puppetry.

A native of Dublin, she now lives in the Liverpool area which made her perfect for the role of Amy, who grew up in the area. In addition to voicing Amy, she shows off the versatility of her voice throughout the story, which also features characters from Tyneside and the South West.

She has an impressive CV of radio and TV voice-overs including Marie & Doris in "1916 A Letter from Ireland" BBC Radio 4 documentary.

Aisling puppeteers life size & giant puppets and performs large costumed characters for outdoor events and street carnivals throughout Europe and beyond. Her puppetry also brings her indoors for theatre shows and to delicate shadow stories.

Return to Tomorrow (coming soon)
Narrated by Samuel James

Samuel James is a British actor, and voice artist best known for playing the role of Garth Stubbs (the fourth actor to do so) in the ITV sitcom, Birds of a Feather, since 2014. He has also starred in Casualty and EastEnders, in which he plays Jimmie Broome, Phil Mitchell's lawyer.


He has an extensive list of award-winning stage, television and radio credits. He can currently be heard on Audible as 'Peachy Carnehan' in The Man Who Would Be King and as 'Billy' in The War of the Worlds (both originally recorded for the BBC).

On stage, he notably played Screaming Lord Sutch in James Graham's Monster Raving Loony at Soho Theatre, in which he impersonated over 30 British radio and television icons of the 20th Century.