About Me...

I'm a writer, publisher and author  living in Evesham, Worcestershire, with my wife and two sons.

After a long career in market research I decided to change direction completely when my own midlife crisis arrived early. I spent a few years working as a DJ before deciding to pursue my lifelong dream of writing for a living. This became a reality when I joined the Oxford Mail as a weekly columnist in 2013. Other work soon followed.

After writing three non-fiction books, primarily about parenting, I released my first novel, The Time Bubble, in the summer of 2014. Sequels quickly followed and by 2021, the series had reached eleven novels.

The series explores time travel from all manner of different angles. These including spontaneous time travel into the future, travelling into one's own past, and dealing with people from the past turning up in the present day.

Away from writing, one of my main interests is food! As an official Hambassador for Love Pork, I achieved fame in 2013 when I became Britain's official sausage taster (cue lots of dodgy jokes!) After sampling some 300 sausages, I got to choose the winners at the prestigious British Sausage Week awards alongside celebrity chef, Simon Rimmer. My role as a Hambassador has also led to me fronting various corporate videos

I've recently completed the eleventh volume of The Time Bubble series which is a sequel to My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday.